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March 20, 2008

Hello peeps…no, your eyes are not deceiving you, I am updating my blog. So where to begin? The start? Ok!

 Well I bought a Mustang, sold the Focus, painted my bedroom, went on a cruise still work to many hours at jobs I don’t love, still taking to many credits in a major I don’t love and I am sleepy all the time. Now for the rest of the story.

So I love tax time. Tax time rules because I overpay my taxes all year long to get sweet refund checks, this year was no exception. I got a massive refund and went crazy! I bought all new summer clothes, a digital camera, bought new furniture for my bedroom and finally got around to painting my bedroom. I hate painting because when you think you are done, you aren’t. I ended up sleeping on the couch for a week while I waited for paint to dry, re-taped walls, touched up paint overlap and waited for more pain to dry, but in the end it looks AMAZING. All I need to do is put in a different light, change my outlets, put up new closet doors, install a new window and put in new window treatments and that room is finished, except for the new carpet I need….see how nothing ever is complete?

So I love my new furniture. It is a small black desk, a small black nightstand and a small black bookcase which go well with my black platform bed….anyone see a pattern here? AND I bought a really cool black chair for the desk….and a cool lamp. I might take some pics and post them….I just love my room so much right now. If the Bridge reads this I need her to brave the cat dander and come over and look at a wall….I want a cool contemporary black and white photo for my wall…think she will help me? The walls are two tone, the top half is a cream color with an off white chair rail going around the room with a blue/green bottom half. I am really impressed with how it turned out. OH and while I was doing this my AWESOME roommate painted all the doors in the house. It is the small stuff that I always neglect to do, so it was nice to have him paint the doors for me.

So then I made a bad decision and bought a mustang. This car is FAST and unreliable. I think the main issue was it sat for so long and the peeps who owned it before me didn’t believe in regular maintenance, but the price was right and I needed a change. So I put in new gears in the rearend, a new alternator, serpentine belt and a K&N air filter. I still need to fix some suspension parts, put in a new master cylinder and do some paint, and did I mention I need to get new tires for it….see how nothing is ever complete.

Then I went on a cruise. It was 7 days and was DIRT CHEAP, the cruise was less than $500. It left from San Diego and went to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. I am not a big fan of Mexico, but I loved having one week with no cell phone, no real internet and my biggest decision was the Chinese buffet or the Hamburger Buffet. I loved it. I literally sat on the deck for HOURS just enjoying the sun. I will do a cruise again for sure, hopefully this summer.

Now for the crappy part. I spent half my tax refund and am saving the other half and I am still poor, so I came home to work, school, work and homework….then I sleep and start over the next day. It gets really old, but I think this is a character building time of my life. I have a VERY aggressive plan to get to where I want to go financially, but I am so impatient. I want it all now! NOW! NOW!!!! I am seriously learning so much about patience, from what I have said it sounds like I don’t know the meaning of restraint, but believe me if you knew the pennies I pinch year round you would be surprised…here are a few of my money saving tips.

1) I don’t own any tupperware/gladware or other plastic storage containers….I use empty yogurt containers.
2) I spend less than $2 a day on food. I skip breakfast and lunch and eat a Totinos pizza or a Quesodilla for dinner…If I feel like going a bit crazy I will even drink a glass of milk.
3) I never buy small garbage can liners for the bathroom, laundry room and bedroom. I only use old grocery sacks. The same for when I pick up dog crap, I just put it in a sack.
4) I always steal all the shampoo and soap I can from hotels and put them in the big shampoo bottle at home.
5) I don’t know if my furnace can go above 65 degrees since that is where it is set.
6) My roommate put plastic in the windows to conserve heat.
7) I only wash clothes in cold water.
8) I only call people after 9, and rarely answer the phone if I know the person calling is not with AT&T. My rollover is INSANE, I am going to lower my plan again.
9) I don’t have cable and don’t plan on getting it.
10) Don’t tell my roommates but I secretly turn the fridge up once a week…until someone dies of Trichinosis I assume the food is still good.

I think that is most all of my frugality…..oh except for this last one and it is kind of embarrassing….I cut the bottom of the vacuum bag open and empty the contents then staple it back together until the bag is so destroyed it wont take a staple…at that point I just trim it a bit and staple higher. STOP JUDGING ME!

Oh and I won $800 on the nickel machines in Mesquite…now you can judge me.

Ok look for pics on my picture page, and I will try to update this damn blog more often so there will be less of these huge posts.



8 Responses to “Stuff, just stuff”

  1. Bridge said


    I will totally help you.

    There is nothing wrong with being thrifty, but turn up that fridge. It really doesn’t save electricity if it is lower… unless the door is always open and then it would. Turn it up!

  2. Bob said

    Wow so much info.
    Who needs a fridge. Totinos pizza will keep for at least a week with no refrigeration. Oh and you forgot to say what year of Mustang etc.
    I see now why you didn’t answer the phone. Did you get my message about the truck that I saw for sale on the way home or were you too busy basking in the sun in Mexico? 🙂

  3. Nan said

    IT’S ABOUT TIME you blogged dammit! Cool that you painted your room and I’de love to see it!! I wish I could decide on color. My interior is whiter than a hospital. One room is painted daughters..her favorite color. I SO need an interior decorator! I want pics from bridge too! She rocks. I’m diggin’ the’s kinda “you”. So happy for you getting to go on a cruise! I hope it’s ok that I’m stealing some of your money saving tips..sans the fridge. Can’t afford for anyone to get sick! Remind me to give you one of my staple removers when I see you next! 😉 Luvs ya lots!!!

  4. Loralee said

    Who knew Little Jeffy was so thrifty?!


    You bastard. The only thing I get out of Nickle Slots is a couple hours of mindless entertainment.

  5. Craig said

    I think you’ll have to spend the money you save with that diet on some laxatives or something 🙂

  6. jasonthe said

    I don’t think it’s truly hit the level of Extremist Thrift until you are stealing the shampoo’s from hotels you aren’t actually staying at (and I hear the security is a bit loose at the Best Western next to Burger King).

    Kinda jealous about the car.

  7. Al said

    Just want to point out (as the resident SHSNE enviro) that your thrifty tips are also most enviro-friendly. I re-use yogurt containers and don’t ever set my heat at anything over 62.

    And I agree w/Nan. It’s about time, damnit!

  8. Jessica said

    Jeff, if you’re looking for extra cash, 103.9 FM is giving away money all day everyday. Last year I won $50. If I get any more info about the convention, I’ll let you know.

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